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Photo Credit: Punodostres
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I couldn’t resist splurging my hard earned monies on this sweatshirt, hehe. After many nights of debating, I finally snuck onto my computer in the wee hours of night, as if hoping if I purchased this item at weird hour, somehow fiscal irresponsibility won’t come back and slap me in the face (lol as if). The giddiness of the sweater arriving has so far euthanized my financial growing pains, though. You live and you learn? (Not) Markus Lupfer, you got me.
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a little bit of home. hong kong 40 years ago.
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Quyen Mike
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Beyonce for Harper’s Bazaar UK 2011
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Some shit should not be done in the name of art. Massacring a bottle of Chanel being one of them.

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